To the parents of teenagers (and anyone else who surfs the ‘Net)…

If you have teenagers living at your house, your computer is probably new enough to keep up with the indecisiveness of your teenager. Myspace…facebook…youtube…twitter…blogs…chats…itunes store…email – bouncing from one place to another. Sometimes, the bouncing leads to places that are inappropriate for teens (or anyone of any age for that matter) – porn, violence, weapons, drugs, alcohol.
One night, during my commute to Savannah, I heard a weekend syndicated show called Kim Komando. She knows all things tech. She did a segment on a free, downloadable program called OpenDNS.
By signing up and following the directions for set-up, you are able to monitor internet traffic and block those sights that no one should see anyway. When it blocks a sight, you can even personalize a message for the computer user to see why the page is blocked – anything from “the administrator as deemed this site inappropriate” to “your mother is watching you – you’re grounded!!”
I have found this very useful – especially when I take my computer to places that have free wi-fi and may leave it unattended. It’s also useful when my computer gets used by the teens at church (9 out of 10 teenagers have looked at online porn – so yes, even church teens need protection!). That way, they’re protected and I’m protected and the church network is protected.
I highly recommend it for anyone – even if you don’t have teens staying at your house!