My dream

In the post where I answered the question about why I chose pharmacy as my career path, I mentioned that my dream has grown from “being an expert” to something much lager than that. Well, here’s my dream…
I have a dream that Franklin County will care about their health and the health of their families.
I have a dream that Pharmacists will become the trusted and affordable resource for health answers.
I have a dream that health education will be a priority of our communities and schools – starting even at the pre-school level and going all the way up to the senior citizens.
I have a dream that our pharmacies will be cutting edge and provide the best care possible and customized education for everyone.
I have a dream that Franklin County will become one of the healthiest counties on the map.
I have a dream that as our county grows, pharmacies will still provide personalized care – no matter what the population grows to.
I have a dream that those with a passion for medicine and health can receive cutting edge education and experiences that will allow them to go and affect their communities.
I have a dream that the health education we gain as a community will provide opportunities to affect other communities, cities, states, and countries.
I have a dream that pharmacies of Franklin County can provide a cutting edge business model for other pharmacies.
I want to open my own pharmacy to provide cutting edge service and education to the people of our community. My pharmacy will provide services geared towards this “on the go” generation – retirees who travel the world, busy business professionals, and parents. I also want to provide educational experiences and opportunities for students: those curious about pharmacy, interested in pharmacy, and studying pharmacy. I want to provide outreach programs where multiple organizations can come together and make our community better – health clinics, medication reconciliation, vaccines, etc. This can also expand to overseas opportunities with churches to provide health clinics and check-ups to the communities they serve.


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  1. pastorrobbiejones says:

    It starts with a dream. I am convinced that God never puts a dream or a vision in us just for us, but it is His way of establishing His Kingdom in the earth. Your dreams are very admirable and through you God desires to establish knowledge and wisdom that ultimately brings glory back to Himself. Keep dreaming!

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