Shout out to my peeps!

I’d like to take an opportunity to mention a few blogs that you might be interested in (or might already be reading).
You might be wondering why I call myself the “heretic’s wife” in my tag line. That’s because my wonderfully creative and insightful husband has a blog called Heretics! Read about the hard questions you need to ask to become a better leader – in any setting.
Next, if you’ve seen any comments from a fella named Robbie – that’s my dad! If you’d like to see what a church, rooted in 50+ years of tradition, looks like when a man, who grew up in that tradition, rises above that tradition to make great headway towards the cutting edge in the Kingdom of God, he’s got a blog for you to read.
Last but not least, Ricky is our youth coach for our GUTS team at church. If you want unfiltered, unadulterated truth, he’s got it – Raw Guts.
So, there ya go… some good and diverse reading for your entertainment and self-improvement.  Enjoy them, but make sure you come back to see me too!


3 comments on “Shout out to my peeps!

  1. churchindapub says:

    Links would be better than just names!

  2. cynhendrix says:

    The names are the links (or should be, I checked them) – I think Pastor Robbie’s blog’s link is the word “blog” in that line. But Heretics is the link and Raw Guts is the link. The hyperlink text doesn’t underline or turn a drastically different color in my template.

  3. churchindapub says:

    Ah, gotcha! Thanks!

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