Taming Ken – Part 2 – Blame it on the mamas

My family started going to FCF (now GBF) the summer before I started my freshman year of college. After attending for several months, one Sunday my mom asked me “do you know that guy? He’s the assistant pastor’s son; he goes to Emmanuel. He’s cute! Have you seen him before?” My normal, 19 year old answer was “No, mama” and changed the subject, even though I was secreting eying the guy she pointed out.
Several more months went by, it was summer time again, and I was home from college. My dad had a summer coaching job in Virginia and my mom and sister went to visit him for Father’s Day. I was taking summer classes so I couldn’t go. My grandparents were also out of town so I spent Father’s Day all by myself – but I went to church! So, after Sunday night’s service, Mrs. Marie stopped me and asked where everyone was. I told her about their trip and she said “You look down. You need a mama hug. I want you to meet my son – this is Ken!” Ken rushed in, said “hey”, and rushed out.
A few weeks later, at Echo, I sat between these two black girls (Ann and Vickie, the super twins – we made an Oreo!) and Ken sat across the table from us (as I said before – all love blooms at Echo) and I gave him permission to call me.
So – Ken and I got together thanks to our mamas!