Taming Ken – Part 1 – Love bites

I had a special request for this one. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I think I will tell you some stories about me and Ken.  This is the story of how I caught him (he told this story in the teen room so I won’t get in trouble).
One Sunday night, early in our relationship, we were sitting in my car waiting on the rest of the gang so we could go to Echo (the place where all love blooms). I had just been introduced to the band, Five Iron Frenzy (anyone remember them?), so I had their CD in my CD-player in my car. The song “Pre-ex-girlfriend” came on and I made some comment about “hey, it’s our theme song!” He started pouting and then decided to tickle me. Somehow, the triceps of his left arm ended up in front of my face! My protection mechanism kicked in and so I bit his left triceps! Yes, you heard me right – he tickled me and I bit him!
I believe he told me later that the next day, his dad came to wake him up and asked him what happened to his arm. Obviously, he didn’t tell PK that I bit him! But I left a nice teeth-shaped bruise on his arm. So, now the world knows!!
So, just ask Ken, when Cyn gives love bites, she REALLY bites!


2 comments on “Taming Ken – Part 1 – Love bites

  1. kenhendrix24 says:

    So yes… pre-exgirlfriend was not our song… but we did get “Love bites…”!

  2. ricky says:

    hahaha. This is good stuff. I can see lots of possible blackmail coming out of this blog.

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