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Lately, I’ve been getting lots of comments on this one pair of shoes that I’ve been wearing.  And I’ve been wearing these shoes almost every day this week.  They’re blue and sparkly – but nothing super special.  Except the story.  And because of all the complements, I’ve gotten to tell this story a lot.

My sister gave me those blue sparkly shoes for Christmas.  She had ordered them from a company online – a company I had never heard of, called TOMS.


TOMS is a shoe company that makes light-weight, comfortable, and fashionable shoes.  Their promise:  For every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a a pair of shoes to a child in need.”  So, the shoes my sister gave me for Christmas, also gave a pair of shoes to someone who, quite possibly, has never owned a pair of shoes in their life.  And it’s not 2nd hand, hand-me-down, Salvation Army type shoes… some kid in some country got a pair of shoes (in their size) that looked just like mine!  The shoes that TOMS makes to sell on their website are the same shoes that they take to kids who needs them.  That’s awesome!!

How cool would it be to travel to another country and see kids wearing shoes that look just like yours?!  Instead of you wearing a brand new pair of New Balance tennis shoes while the kids around you are wearing an old pair of Converse that my dad wore out and threw out in 1975.

$50 bucks for shoes – you’d pay way more than that for designer shoes.  $50 for two pairs of shoes – one for you and one for someone else.  That’s $25 dollars a pair.  You can’t buy shoes that look like these for $25 anywhere, except maybe Wal-Mart, and those might fall apart once you wear them in the rain!

It seems we need more companies like this one – more companies with a cause.  After wearing my blue sparkly shoes and learning about TOMS.  It’s becoming more important to me to know a company’s cause.  What’s their story?  Are they grabbers are givers?

TOMS is a giver.  Here’s their website.  At least watch the Video on the home page.  Take a look around, read the story.  Buy a pair of shoes (or two).  That’s how easy it is to become part of a cause!


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  1. rawguts says:

    I told Ken that you have to win the award for “best blog title”. Meme and I are enjoying reading your posts and we would like to hear more about your attempts at taming Ken. haha

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