I love beans!

You know how I said I’d probably end up blogging about some random things… where here’s one of those things…

When I was little, the only kind of peas or beans I would eat were english peas and green beans.  But my mom would cook all kinds of beans and peas – black eyes, limas, pinto…  I didn’t like them, but she would always put a spoonful on my plate for me to eat (about 6 – 12 peas) and I would always eat them.

Then I met Ken… and his mom would cook for us sometimes and cook some of the same type of beans or peas my mom did.  Out of habit I would get 1 spoonful of peas and eat them (I had eaten them all my life so I had tested it many time and I was positive I did not like them).  And yes, Marie and PK laughed at me and my little spoonful.

Now, I’m on a Daniel Fast with church and what’s the main items on the menu? Limas, black eyes, pintos… <sigh>.  So, I made vegetable soup – added black eyes, and butterbeans.  We got some Limas and some field peas that my MIL and FIL (that’s the abbreviation/nickname for mother-in-law and father-in-law) had in their freezer.

You won’t believe it!!  I like beans!  I told my grandmama and grandaddy that (the ones that grew the beans and peas my mom would cook and feed to me) and they didn’t believe it at first either.  My veggie soup is pretty dang good for a first time cook (if I do say so myself) and the beans are getting better (as I’m learning how to fix them right).

So, as a thank you to the Daniel Fast for teaching me to like beans, I have a video and song I want to share with all of you…